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Satellite decoder for the french freeview channels
207 EUR

  in stock
delivery in the UK and EU in 48h
All other countries please enquire.

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 HD decoder for the French digital channels

hd fr
349 EUR

  in stock

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French satellite decoder to receive 18 digital FREEVIEW french channels.

DD Electronics is a Paris based satellite dealer since 1991. Buy your decoder at best rates directly from France, 48 hour delivery to the UK. This offer is for the  decoder and the viewing card in one pack. This decoder will either work on 5° West or 19.2° East. The french channels are encrypted and a freeview card is provided to decode them. The life of the card for 5°W is inlimited. You can also use a Flatmagic hidden dish in some parts of the United kingdom to receive the french satellite signals.
This is a non subscription decoder comming with a freeview viewing card. exists in HD version and HD with Hard drive recorder. It will work in other parts of Europe as well.( From Finland to Morrocco & from the UK to Russia. ) Required dish size for the UK  is 50- 60 cm only. We also sell BIS TV cards for Hotbird.
 channel list

TF 1
France 2
France 3
France 4
France 5
France Ô
Arte (France)
BFM TV France
Direct 8
Virgin 17
TMC (Télé Monte Carlo)
NRJ 12

France 3 Besançon
France 3 Bordeaux
France 3 Nancy
France 3 Clermont Ferrand
France 3 Paris Ile-de-France
France 3 Rennes
France 3 Rouen
France 3 Limoges
France 3 Lyon
France 3 Marseille
France 3 Toulouse
France 3 Caen
France 3 Nantes
France 3 Nice
France 3 Orléans
France 3 Dijon
France 3 Poitiers
France 3 Reims
France 3 Grenoble
France 3 Lille
France 3 Strasbourg
France 3 Montpellier
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