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Can I receive  Sky  in France without installing a dish?
Yes, you can. You need to have internet connexion of at least 4 Mb/sec in download speed
. With the official Sky Broadband HD receiver you can watch all your favorite channels etc, This is LEGAL and OFFICIAL Sky receiver and requires a valid subscription, you subscribe through your own UK address.  This receiver is suitable for the frequent british traveller and also ideal for the holiday home where reliability and stable reception are all important. Your subscription is directly with Sky in the UK and you pay in £.
Do I need a UK address to receive Sky in France?
Yes, a UK address is obligatory to receive Sky.
 (Direct debit in pounds or credit card)   Call us or email us email  for details,  
Can I get freesat  in France?
Yes you can, Freesat is the name of a UK satellite service and as the name says it all UK channels come for free, no monthly payments. In the North of France the dish size is very small, 50 cm only and can be received even with hidden discrete antennas such as the FlatMagic. In the South of France you will need a big size dish typically of 125 cm near the spanish border to correctly receive the BBC channels.
Can  I receive the Freesat UK channels without installing a dish?
Yes, you can, However the first thing to do is to mesure your internet  download speed. The equipment is easy to install yourself, see details and schemas here and you dont need to pay for a technician to come and install it for you, To mesure your download speed use the mesuring tool at the bottom of this page. If the result is higher than 3 Mb/sec the UK non-subscription  receiver will work just fine for you.

I already have a Digibox and a dish. I just need a home installation. Can DD Electronics install my existing equipment?

Yes, we will install your equipment in the large Paris area. If it is a detached family house a pre-visit is not necessary and we can do it right away. If you live in a Paris appartment building call us on 01 45 75 16 77 to take an appointment for a site-survey.

I am a current subscriber to the french TV Cable. Can I keep it?
Yes, you can keep it. UK TV is additional to what you already have. You can easilly switch from cable to satellite or Broadband TV through a button on the remote controller. If you choose the "dish-free" IPTV  receiver you will need your home Broadband router to brovide internet débit, This receiver works with all french ISP such as Numericable, SFR, Free, Orange, Bbox and others.
Can I get UK radio ?
Yes, our digital  receivers come preset for radio stations like BBC radio 1,2,3,4 a 5, and another 90 UK FM radio stations.
My old Sky Decoder is now broken, Can DD Electronics replace it?
Yes, we can. Call us for details and prices or e-mail


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