Russian TV in France and Europe  
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DD Electronics
27, rue Gutenberg
tél : +33 (0)1 45 75 16 77

Siret 400 259 511 00022
Russian satellite decoder for the gree-to-air channels (in GREEN)
pay decoder
  199 €
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48 H delivery in France, EC & Switzerland.
All other countries please enquire.


 68 cm specific russian satellite dish (bi-satellite)
 98 €

cable 20 metres
20m of cable and connectors

 26 €
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Russian satellite tv channels in France, UK and Europe
main content
DD Electronics offers 2  decoders to receive russian TV via satellite in France & throughout Europe. The list consists of sixteen FREE to air satellite channels and 4 pay channels. The size of the dish for France and Europe is 60 cm only. The boxes come pre-set with all channels, ready to connect on a working dish. We have a selection of qualified installers throughout France and we can assure installation.
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Russian satellite decoder for BOTH  pay (in BLUE) &  free-to-air channels 

russian dd electronics
 269 €
48H  delivery in France, EC & Switzerland.
All other countries please enquire.

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Subscription card for 6 months
for the russian
BLUE channels
 149 €
1 ORT  (Perviy kanal) Russian, free General
2 Music Box Russia Russian  free Music
3 Sarafan Russian  free General
4 Music One - Ru TV Russian  free Music
5 Bridge TV Russian, free General
6 RTR Planeta Russian  free General
7 Vesti Russian  free news
8 TBN Russia Russian, free General
9 Smile of a Child RU Russian  free General
10 K+ Russian  free movies
11 CNL Russia Russian  free General
12 RTV International Russian, encrypted General
13 Detski Mir Russian, encrypted children
14 Teleklub Russian, encrypted General
15 Nashe Kino Russian, encrypted movies
16 R1 Russian, free General
17 RBC TV Russian, free Economy
18 Sport Planeta Russian  free Sport
19 EuroNews Russian  free News
20 Luxe TV  Russian  free General

The card for the BLUE encrypted channels costs EUR 149 for 6 months

Ask for Russian documentation here
Not sure which decoder to choose? Contact us for advice.

tv russe en france
DIY kits available. Come with detailed instructions in both english and french.