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This Sky + HD box matches the existing HD models except for being slightly smaller, with its dark black curved shape and matching remote.
The unit contains the larger *500GB capacity hard drive for recording even more of your favourite programmes with Sky+ (Sky+ requires an active subscription to Sky), allowing you to record up to 185 hours of SD and 60 hours of HD.
*250GB personal storage; the remaining 250GB is retained by Sky for
Anytime/VOD/3D services. This is the 3D & 4K compatible version.
The HD television gives you up to 5 times the picture sharpness & quality of normal television. You will experience lifelike images so real it's like your television is a crystal clear window on the world.  this decoder is 3D capable and I can say it is a television revolution that will be bigger then the transition from black & white to color possibly even the creation of TV itself.


This Sky+ HD box is made to be used with a Sky Subscription card. To benefit from the Sky+ functionality, or subscription HD channels (HD Mix) you must pay a subscription.
Alternatively without a card you can still receive all free HD
channels, such as BBC HD, ITV1 HD, Luxe HD and C4 HD (C4 HD
currently requires a Sky FTV card). You are under no obligation
to take out a subscription, or HD Mix (£10 per month).

Please note that the Sky+HD box record functionality is free, but only
available to those with a valid Sky subscription. (this also applies to recording free channels.The recording function requires two cables run from the dish and a TWIN LNB/feed. ( it can work on a single coax but you are limited in your recordings to one channel at a time ! ) Existing dishes can be re-used for HD. Our team of experienced engineers will connect it for you, program and tune it for safe and trouble-free operation.