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Sky HD in Paris
 The Sky minidish is as small as the digibox itself ( 43 cm )

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We only use the best materials and fixings, fitted by our team of expert satellite system installers.

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We specialize in hidden satellite dishes. The Flatmagic is a discrete solution to receive Sky Digital in listed buildings. MORE

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How does it work?
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Sky Digital in Paris, France and Europe.
 340 english language satellite TV channels ! Why miss out your favorite shows and programs?
 The Sky satellite digibox is connected to your existing TV set. The minidish can be mounted on the roof, balcony or a side wall. It should be pointed at the satellite with no obstacles in front of it, no trees or close buildings. Pointing a dish is a precise job, so we recommend you call a professional unless you know exactly what you are doing.
The dish can be as small as 45 cm in diameter (18 inches) depending on the channels you want to receive. Attention: two lines from the dish are necessary for Sky Plus option to use the full recording capability of a  decoder!

Many channels come for free , but some channels are pay services. The satellite companies scramble the signal, rendering it unwatchable unless you have a subscription.
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list of the english language channels here.

Find out more about prices, current offers, channel lists etc. click here.

Channels are available in almost any language . Dish size may vary depending on the satellite and the language requested. All the english & US channels are receivable on a 45 cm dish.

The Sky HD and the Sky Plus come with integrated recorder all-in-one units: You can watch one channel while recording another.
Both can be used on a single line from the dish, but full recording capabilities are only possible with a second line.

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  Attention: two lines from the dish are necessary to use the full recording capability of a Sky Plus or the Sky HD decoder!