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Virtual Encrypted Tunnel
, a pair of devices sender/

extend your home fiber internet to your holiday home


virtual encrypted tunnel

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VET (Virtual encrypted tunnel)
or how to extend your fiber internet  to your holiday home

The VET ( Virtual Encrypted Tunnel ) allows you to easilly extend your home fiber internet connexion to your holiday home, no matter where it is located in the World. The advantage of such an extention is that all the devices connected in your holiday home will behave in the same way as if they were at home. You can easily access your recordings, music and all the media content you are used to have at home for free. This is a much better solution than a commercial VPN and the most important - it does not require any monthly fees to run and is totally free. This is the most stable and reliable place shifting solution which gives you a 100% identical copy of your home network shifted to your holiday home with exactly the same IP address and signiture as your home network To understand how the VET technology works see the schema below.
 virtual encrypted tunnel
VET (Virtual encrypted tunnel)
The development of home internet has advanced a lot these days deploying more and more powerful fiber and cable connections. Speeds are finally suitable to establish VET links. Why not profit from something you are already paying for?
It is enough to place the "sender" device at your home and connect it to your fiber router and after that fit the "client" device at your vacation home. All this is slightly similar to VPN technology with the big difference that you are now in control of the tunnel traffic owning both the sender and receiver (client) part. With commercial VPNs you only have the "client" part and you rent capacity with a VPN internet service provider and of course all your traffic can be monitored and logs are being created and stored. Why use a third party vpns when you can use your own home internet connexion instead? If you have used already a commercial VPN you certainly know how unreliable it could be. Choose your own VET virtual encrypted tunnel and you will have your personal home network extended to your holiday home so you will really feel at home.

Some conditions apply:
Your home network where the VET Sender will be installed must be of FIBER quality with a minimum UPLOAD speed of 5 Mb/sec or higher. DSL connexions are generally not suitable as low upload speeds are typical for this kind of internet connexion. Please use the mesuring tool at the bottom of this page to mesure your Fiber home UPLOAD (not download) speed before purchase of the VET devices to avoid dissapointment.

You must have at least a DSL connexion at your holiday home (a fiber connexion is of course better) Most of the DSL or cable internet connexions have the required 5 Mb/sec DOWNLOAD ( not upload speed ).
If you have mesured speeds on both sides and you cover the requirements, you are eligible to profit from a Virtual Encrypted tunnel. Order your pair of devices today and enjoy.

C) If you use a Wifi service at your holiday home instead of a router you can still connect to the VET sender using the built-in VET capabilities of your PC or Tablet. Do you have questions? e-mail us here.