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Bulgarian Broadband TV receiver,
This is a "dish-free" reception solution. Check your internet download speed at the bottom of the page before purchase.
             249 €   
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info how to pay read this only if you meet payment difficulty.

This receiver connects to your home internet router ( Wifi, live plugs or Ethernet cable) and to the TV screen via HDMI lead. No subscription, no monthly fees.

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Broadband "dish-free"receiver  for  Bulgarian TV in the UK & worldwide :    


There is no dish to install and there are no monthly fees! it works with any Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as BT, Virgin, EE, talk-talk etc. All main Bulgarian public TV channels are available such as BNT1, BNT2, BNT3, BNT4,  Nova, TV7, (bTV is a subscription, paid channel), this is a quick and cost effective solution for immediate viewing of . However you must have a good and reliable internet at home, the receiver is connected to your Broadband router either via an ethernet cable or wifi and also to your TV screen via an HDMI lead. Please check your internet download speed at the bottom of this page. You must reach at least 3 Mb/sec in download for this device to work correctly for you. Note that upload speed is not important! Get Bulgarian TV channels for free and you can set it up in minutes yourself without the need of technician.


bulgarian broadband tv receiver