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HD receiver for the dutch channels via IPTV
(Internet TV)

 tv anglaise gratuite en france
198 € 

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This HD  receiver  will allow viewing of  dutch TV programs out of the country. etc plus plenty of dutch radio stations.

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Nederlandse TV Kijken in het Buitenland? Lees hier hoe!

DD Electronics offers a specific equipment for the reception of DUTCH TV channels in France, Spain etc.  It gives access to the NPO public television and many others including multiple radio stations.

dutch tv in france
We can propose both "no dish" Internet TV reception and satellite TV. To receive the dutch NPO channels without dish you must have decent internet connection. At least 3 Mb/sec in download is advised and you can measure your speed here.
Dutch internet TV is available for dutch residents travelling or being out of country. This service is aimed at  dutch owning a holiday home somewhere in the EU. geo-restricted services such as NPO Start and similar are now authorised to work out of region.
From 1 April there are rules that allow you to look at series, films and TV programs from 'home' in EU countries. These are services such as Netflix and Videoland, but also live TV programs that you can watch online via your provider. Previously, TV apps blocked the display of live TV abroad. The new EU rules force suppliers to treat customers equally, regardless of the EU country they are in. The rules do not apply to free services.
With which TV providers can you watch live TV?

KPN and Ziggo - the two largest providers - say that their TV apps can be used outside the Netherlands from April 2018, within the EU. Ziggo indicates without restrictions. KPN reports that TV programs may not show all TV programs due to rights issues. This also applies to the apps from Telfort and XS4All.

CanalDigitaal has indicated that you should be able to watch online TV programs outside the Netherlands in the EU without any problems. Caiway, Delta, Online.nl, and T-Mobile have also promised this. Watching TV online at Tele2 is only possible in and around your own home in the Netherlands.

The paid offer of NPO (Start Plus) will be on show in the EU from this spring (with the exception of the live programs). The programs of NPO, SBS and RTL can be viewed via NLziet, from 1 April also in EU countries. Through the free NPO Start you can not view many programs abroad. This is possible via BVN, see below.

What we propose is an HD TV receiver which conects straight to your big TV screen via an HDMI cable. Available is NPO Start but also Ziggo & KPN and of course all the catchup TV and replay functions the TV websites can offer these days. This is the easy solution, everything is pre-configured for immediate viewing.

HERE IS TYPICALLY HOW YOU CONNECT:  3 options are possible - cable, wifi or liveplugs:

tv anglaise en France par internet
tv anglaise internet en France
tv anglaise online en France


If you don't have internet or you are traveling & caravanning you better choose satellite reception. The dish size anywhere in France ( and Spain ) is of 70 cm. We can supply the HD decoder and viewing card. If this is what you need ask for details and prices here.

All equipment is in stock, immediate delivery anywhere in France or Europe.

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