DIGICUBE            Receive sky satellite without a dish 


The DigiCube is  a satellite  antenna specially developed and adapted for digital television.
 It is elegant  and very discrete. Perfect for a balcony or garden.


The DigiCube  fits the various reception needs : its size enables it to be used either in an
individual or collective house. Its "cube" shape guarantees a perfect protection of the converter
as well as a great discretion.           




It works for most popular european satellite services such as Sky Digital, CanalSat France, canal Digitaal NL, Premiere Germany, Sky Italia, TV Globo and others. We do assure installation in the large Paris area by our own team of experienced engineers. We do ship equipment via DHL.
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Antenna Type : flat 490 mm
Miror : Metallic coating ABS
Gain : 35 dB
LNB : universal  0.2 dB
Frequency O.L. : 9.75 - 12.75 GHz
Noise Factor : 0.2 dB
Material : Anti UV PMMA

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