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Internet TV or Satellite? Make the right choice.
DD Electronics installs complete satellite systems to receive UK television in France, If you reside in a listed area where the installation of a  large dish could present a problem, we can also supply / install a Braodband UK HD TV box which does not require a dish. We install ourselves in the big Paris area, and via selected partners for the rest of France.

Did you loose BBC or other channels?
updated 10 /01 /2024

Please check our Latest News page for updates on recent satellite changes and how we can help you - Loss of BBC channels on the UK satellite.

SKY Subscriptions:
You can receive the SKY digital satellite services in France, and different sky subscription packages are available to choose from, as long as you do not tell SKY you're not in the UK!

A range of new SKY Digiboxes is now available, including the new Sky Q , SKY+ HD and SKY Stream boxes. Possible accessories include UK IP adaptors to profit from catch-up TV services, spare remote controls, TV extenders and others.

You may also consider as a viewing option the UK Free-to-Air transmissions, ( UK Freesat )
BBC & ITV , Ch4 & Five are all available for free via the satellite and does not require a Sky paid subscription.

The satellite dish in France may vary from 50 cm in the North to 150 cm in the South of France near the Spanish border and even 160 cm in Nice / Antibes and Monaco. In the North of France it is also possible to receive the signal via hidden dishes such as the FlatMagic.  To be sure to make the right for you choice ask for our general  documentation with pricelist and channel list, and extra details. Professional installation help is available throughout France.

sky hd drx 595
 back panel sky hd drx595

 A dish-free Internet TV receiver

Get all UK TV channels in full HD 1080p the hassle free way without installing a dish! This receiver requires home internet and works in France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and the rest of Europe and arround the World. Works with any french ISP like Orange, Free, SFR etc.
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Do you need a channel list, subscription cost and conditions?
Press the "e-mail us" button on top right of the page or ask for our documentation here.

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  You may also consider a SkyQ UHD satellite receiver
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